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Income Tax Planning

Heling Associates does not prepare income tax returns, but we do support your tax preparer in this annual task by providing them with detailed information about your investment income and expenses.  What we mean by “strategic” income tax planning is that we incorporate income tax considerations into all the decisions you make in the context of your financial planning… retirement plan funding, debt structure, income timing and posturing, charitable giving, retirement plan and IRA distribution strategies, beneficiary designations, and a host of other decisions that must be made over time and that can impact yours, and your heirs, long-term income tax expense.  Bruce Heling’s background as a tax accountant means that he considers tax implications throughout your plan and in all the decisions you make for which he provides advice.  In our society income taxes are pervasive so tax considerations must pervade your financial decision-making.  How much you earn from working and your investments is only half the story; the other half is how much you get to keep over time, and that’s where planning can pay!

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