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About the Firm

Heling Associates, Inc. is a fee-only financial planning and portfolio management firm located in Madison, Wisconsin and operated by Bruce R. Heling, CFP® CPA.  The firm was founded in 1991.
Heling Associate’s focus is providing comprehensive services to individual clients approaching or in their senior years to help them to cope with the many changes in their circumstances that the prospect of retirement inevitably brings.  These services include developing a comprehensive plan that, in an integrated fashion, addresses:
  • capital accumulation strategies
  • retirement income design
  • optimization of social security, company retirement benefits, and IRA distributions
  • investment portfolio design to match each client’s goals and risk tolerance
  • investment portfolio management
  • strategic income tax planning
  • changing personal risk management and estate planning needs
Heling Associates seeks the input of your other advisors (attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, and others), where appropriate, to ensure your plan is understood and agreed to by your entire advisory team and that your plan is properly and efficiently implemented.
Mr. Heling is a sole practitioner.  He has been a personal financial advisor since 1986 and fee-only since 1988.  Prior to becoming a financial planner, Mr. Heling was a tax accountant and served in corporate finance positions.  He has held leadership positions in several regional professional financial planning associations and served on national financial planning task forces.

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